Friday, November 14, 2008

Friendster Down (

EPIC fail for Friendster today. According to forum and mailing list threads, it's been down for a full day now and it's still down as of this writing... If you are not Asian, do you know what Friendster is? Hint: It was a popular social networking site in the US until Facebook and MySpace came.

It is still popular in Asia. Especially to 5 million + Filipinos.


Larry said...

LOL. Wonder what the loyalists were up to during the last few days?

Eugene Wong said...

I almost everyday visit to see whether it still ALIVE?

unfortunately it's still SICK & DOWN!


so sad.

Umesh said...

Dear Friendster Community and those reading this blog,

As you may have seen, has undergone maintenance at various times over the past few days. Friendster’s unscheduled downtime was due to a power outage at our outsourced data center in Santa Clara, California where Friendster’s servers are co-located along side approximately 50 other companies. As a result, Friendster, as well as a number of other online companies, experienced unscheduled and unavoidable downtime. At this time, Friendster is back online and our team is working quickly to restore everything back to normal.

Additionally, you may have experienced some inconsistencies with your friend count on Friendster. All of your friend connections and data stored on Friendster are in tact and will be corrected shortly. It’s simply taking some time for us to restore each user account as Friendster has over 85 million user accounts globally.

Lastly, if you’ve received any on site messages or SMS text alerts regarding our downtime or your friend count, please disregard them as they were initiated by members of our community and do not contain accurate information about what happened.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

-The Friendster Team

For more information, please visit our blog and our Help Center.

Blog URL:
Help Center URL:

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